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June 2017 Newsletter Complete Landscaping

It is finally June and the weather has been great! I hope you are enjoying it as much as we are.

Just a reminder, Complete Landscaping and Design has Plants and Flowers For Sale at our 1081 Whitefish Stage location , and it’s getting close to your last chance to grab some. Our prices are great and we have plenty to choose from. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can even custom order for you.

Need someone to plant the plants you chose? We have gardening services available to help with this. Kelly is our expert gardener and will get the job done for you.

We also have openings for Lawn Service and Landscaping , so give us a call at 406-756-1978, Monday-Friday from 8:30-5.

Check out our Website and our Facebook page, servicing the entire Flathead Valley and beyond.

Homeowner Fined for not Mowing Their Grass?

What if a homeowner decided not to mow the lawn anymore and belongs to a Home Owners Association?

What power does the HOA hold?

Do HOA’s have the right to tell you how to maintain your lawn?

Some developments give the HOA more enforcement rights than others. Some HOA’s have the power to evict any individuals who fail to mow their grass. Yes this is a very drastic measure but some HOA’s have the right to do this.

Most times HOA’s will fine any homeowner for violating a covenant, rule, or regulation such as not mowing their lawn. If these fines are not paid they usually have late fees incurring and the HOA can then file a lien on the property.

Some HOA’s can also deny access to common areas such as the pool, gym, or dog park until fines are paid.

Most HOA’s have the power to sue a homeowner who violates any restriction, covenant, or rule. The homeowner could end up in court for not keeping the grass to a certain length. This only happens after fines have not been paid and HOA demands have not been resolved.

HOA’s, in some instances, have the power to enter the homeowner’s property to resolve the infraction. For instance, the HOA can hire a professional to mow the lawn of the delinquent homeowner. This “hired” service tends to be five times what normal lawn care would be especially if the grass is too tall.

All HOA’s have procedures they must follow before any action can be taken on a homeowner. More times than not, the HOA will try to resolve any issue without incident or fines.

As a homeowner, it easy to follow the rules of the HOA. One of the rules we see in most HOA’s is mowing the grass and keeping the landscaping tidy. Complete Landscaping and Design can help with this.

If you are having trouble finding the time to mow your lawn or keeping your landscaping up to the regulations of your HOA, give us a call. (406) 756 1978

We will be happy to come out to your home for a Free Estimate on any of your landscaping needs.

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The Dog and the Perfect Lawn

Can You Have a Perfect Lawn and Own a Dog at the Same Time?

Dogs are great. We love our dogs yet a downside to having a dog can be ugly, brown spots in our lawn.

Since most dog diets are high in protein, there will always be high levels of Nitrogen in their system. If your dog is relieving itself on your lawn, they will increase the Nitrogen levels of your lawn. Too much Nitrogen kills our lawns and creates the brown spots.
Here are a few tips for keeping your lawn looking healthy and green and singing a happy tune.

  • Water the lawn area immediately after the dog has done its business to help dilute the Nitrogen. Run the hose for about 10 seconds over the spot will help dilute the Nitrogen. Also, if you encourage your dog to drink more water, it will dilute the Nitrogen as well. But having them drink more water will increase your dog needs to pee.
  • Build an area for the dog to use the bathroom outside, using gravel, mulched, or artificial turf. Train them to go there instead of the grass.

  • Having the right kind of grass may also reduce these brown spots from showing up. Fescue and Rye-grass are the most resistant to Nitrogen due to the genetic makeup of the roots. Bermuda and Kentucky Bluegrass do need nitrogen to thrive but are very sensitive to fertilizer.
  • Dressing the lawn with less fertilizer will reduce the chances of brown spots. The combination of fertilizer and your dogs business could be too much Nitrogen for the lawn.

Building the dog a designated business area is the only effective option for 100%success. The other options above are a few more that can help.

We all love our lawns and our pets and we can have both.

If you are having trouble with brown spots in your lawn give us a Call for a Free Estimate on Lawn Care or to help Design a Dog Business Area.

Complete Landscaping and Design can help you recover your lawn back to being lush and green again.

Phone: (406) 756 1978

Fertilize Shrubs in your Plant Beds?

Fertilized Landscape ShrubsExperts recommend that we should Fertilize our Grass four times a year for a Full and Healthy Lawn.

What about Fertilizing the Shrubs in our Plant Beds? Often times fertilizing our Shrubs gets overlooked.

We prune our Shrubs every year and we expect them to grow. But then, we don’t give them fertilizer with the nutrients that they need to grow to their full potential.

Over the years plants in garden beds will deplete all the nutrients out of the soil. We need to replenish these nutrients with fertilizer. This is important for the health of our Shrubs which will insures a long life for them.

Fertilizing once or twice a year makes for Lush Beautiful Shrubs in the garden beds. Complete Landscaping and Design can help you with this!

Give Us a Call and We Would Be Glad to Help with all your Fertilizing Needs!



May 2017 Newsletter – Mother’s Day Hanging Baskets

Complete Landscaping and Design Logo

Complete Landscaping and Design has Perennials and Annuals for sale at our Nursery Location starting at $2.50 each.

Come on by and take a look, we are located at 1081 Whitefish Stage.

If there are any plants that you are looking for and you can’t find them in our nursery, we can order them for you.

Our Summer Hours are from 8:30am to 5pm, Monday-Friday.

*Just a reminder to get your orders in for hanging baskets for Mother’s Day, we have many selections to choose from.

You can purchase a Small Basket for $27, a Medium for $37, and a Large for $57.


Wes - Weed Sprayer

Wes – Weed Sprayer

Have any weeds that you want to get rid of?

Give us a call and we can send our weed spraying expert Wes to get the job done for you. Wes holds a “Chemical Applicator License” and we will guarantee your satisfaction.

We still have Openings for Lawn Care and Gardening for 2017.

Stop by or Nursery 1081 Whitefish Stage or Call Us at 406-756-197.

Also check out our Website or our Facebook page.

Save Big Money on Lawn Care

professional lawn careMow Your Lawn or Pay For A Lawn Service?

Are you saving money by doing routine lawn care yourself?

Ever wondered how long you spend mowing the lawn that could have been spent doing something else?

Do you know the dangers associated with lawn care?

Is spending your time performing your own lawn care what you really want to spend your time on?

Researchers found on average 1248 days (roughly 3.5 years) of a person’s life is spent performing lawn care. That is a huge amount of time.

By factoring in the time it takes to mow, the cost of the equipment, the cost of maintaining the equipment, and the potential risks associated with mowing, some would argue that it’s actually less expensive to hire a professional company, like Complete Landscaping and Design to care for your lawn.

Below are some reasons you may want to consider hiring Complete Landscaping and Design to help you with your landscaping needs.

  • Save Money— $1,500 Riding Lawn Mower, $150 for a Blower, and $100 for a weed eater, mowing an average of 25 times per year will cost the homeowner $70 per cut in the first year. ($1750/25=$70).
  • Create more Free Time— Is there something else you could be doing? Is spending roughly 29,952 hours of your life mowing the lawn what you want to spend your time on?

Would you rather spend time with the family hiking, fishing or enjoying your favorite pastime a little more.

How much money is your time worth? Taking an average salary of $50k/year you could save well over $100k over a lifetime. What could you do with this extra money?


Lawn Safety Sign

  • Stay safe —According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 80,000 people are taken to the emergency room every year due to lawn related injuries.

Lawn equipment is some of the most dangerous items in any household. Why not leave these risks to the professionals?

  • Admire the Professionalism—Most lawn Professionals have years of experience and an eye for making lawns look great each and every time. Complete Landscaping and Design Professionals have decades of experience in the landscaping industry. Let us help you take pride in your well maintained lawns.

By uncovering the true costs of mowing the lawn why not let the Complete Landscaping and Design Professionals handle this task for you?

Like the Rolling Stones song says, “Time is on my side;” and with Complete Landscaping and Design, “Yes it is!”

We still have openings for lawn care and gardening!

Give us a call today to get on the schedule for all your lawn care needs at 406-756-1978

New Nursery Location – 1081 Whitefish Stage, Kalispell

Complete Landscaping Nursery Welcome Spring and Introducing Our New Nursery!

We cannot wait to start seeing all the beautiful blooms appearing.  Flowers make us smile!  If you also love flowers and plants like we do, you’ll be happy to hear we are going to be offering a new service at Complete Landscaping and Design.

We will soon be opening a plant nursery at our location on 1081 Whitefish Stage, Kalispell. Stop by for your spring planting needs!

We will be offering Perennials, Annuals, Ground Covers, etc.  Plants inside greenhouse

If you want something that we don’t have in stock we also do special orders.  Let us provide your plants to beautify your living spaces with green and pops of gorgeous color.

We accept all major credit cards and we are open Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5pm.

If you love flowers but don’t have the time, skills, or desire to do your own planting we’ve got you covered!  So stop on by 1081 Whitefish Stage in Kalispell.


Complete Landscaping Greenhouse




We also still have openings for our Lawn Care Service and all other landscaping jobs.

Give us a call at 406-756-1978 to get on our Lawn Maintenance Schedule or to get a free estimate for all your landscaping needs.




   Complete Landscaping Nursery


Thank You from Complete Landscaping for 2016!


Nigel here from Complete Landscaping and Design.

We would like to sincerely Thank You for putting your trust in our company over the 2016 season.

We have really enjoyed working with all our customers over the past year and are looking forward to providing you with all your Landscaping needs for 2017.

This year we have several exciting new divisions within the company to help us provide a greater service to Kalispell and the surrounding areas.

Check us out online at Complete Landscaping and Design or follow us on Facebook.

Any Feedback is appreciated.

Once Again Thank you for a great 2016.

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Spring Lawn Care

Welcome Spring!

You know what they say, April showers bring May flowers! We will soon be opening a nursery at our location on 1081 Whitefish Stage, so come and check it out! We also do special orders, if you need it, and we don’t have it, we can get it. And always keep us in mind for your lawn care, landscaping and gardening needs this spring, summer, and fall!

Leucanthemum- Snow-cap

We also provide the services of:

  • Fertilization

  • Weed Spraying

  • Tree Removal & Pruning

  • Spring/Fall Clean-ups

  • Natural & Cultured Masonry

  • Retaining Walls

  • Sprinkler Systems

  • Water Features

  • Pool & Spa Construction

  • And much more! Anything landscape related, we can do!


Gaillardia- Arizona Sun

Gaillardia- Arizona Sun

We offer services of lawn care and lawn fertilization starting in April, and we want you to know there are some benefits of early lawn fertilization, such as:

  • You are setting the groundwork for the rough months ahead,  

  • Strengthens roots and prepares it for the heavy growing season and harsh summer heat,

  • Accelerating the lawn’s transition process from cool to warm season turf

  • Stimulating the lawn’s root and plant growth

  • Jump-starting the dormant beneficial microbes in the lawn

  • Increasing nutrient uptake and retention in the lawn

  • Speeding up the lawn’s recovery process from aerification practice






Potentilla Fruticosa 'Pink Beauty'

Potentilla Fruticosa ‘Pink Beauty’

We also offer the service of weed spraying which also has benefits to helping your plants grow and for them to have all the nutrients they need without another plant taking them all up.

Good weed control is essential for successful establishment and quick initial growth.





We still have openings for lawn care and gardening!

Give us a call today to get on the schedule for all your lawn care needs at 406-756-1978



Complete Landscaping and Design Spring 2017 Newsletter

 Spring 2017 Newsletter

Thatch defined: A lawn thatch is an excessive amount of buildup of unwanted material that can deny your lawn of the air, water, and sunlight that it needs. The excessive amount of buildup can cause your grass to stop growing and make it prone to insects and lawn diseases. Lawn thatch is composed of moss, pine needles, or dead grass, it can also refer to a dead layer of sod that is left over after an insect infestation

When you should de-thatch your lawn: The best time to have de-thatching done is in the spring and early fall, that way it gives your lawn time to recover before it gets too hot or too cold. Some lawns will need to be re-seeded in order to heal properly if there was a lot of moss or bad grasses that were removed. This process is recommended yearly for some lawns.

Benefits of lawn thatching: It is recommended to be done every year to ensure your lawn is taken care of and looks it’s best. To know if you need it yearly, here are some signs. If you have a lot of moss in your lawn or dead grasses which can be from the type of grass you have in your lawn or the various amounts of sunlight your lawn is getting.  Pine needle build up around your yard can lead to choking out sunlight and water that your lawn needs and they are also acidic. By having your lawn dethatched not only will it look healthier, it will allow and increase airflow to the underlining of the soil and allow water and nutrients to go straight to the root system. It will also reduce infestations of insects and pests and forces them out of the lawn. It will also reduce grass diseases such as leaf spot, summer patch, and dollar spot.

Services we provide:

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Full Landscape Design

  • Estate/Garden Maintenance

  • Fertilization

  • Weed Spraying

  • Tree Removal & Pruning

  • Spring/Fall Clean-ups

  • Natural & Cultured Masonry

  • Retaining Walls

  • Sprinkler Systems

  • Water Features

  • Pool & Spa Construction

  • And much more! Anything landscape related, we can do.

An example to what a thatch looks like.

Give us a call today for an estimate and to get on our schedule for lawn care at 406-756-1978

Flathead Valley Events | Home and Garden Show in Kalispell

Booth at the Home and Garden Show 2015

Complete Landscaping Booth

We are at the Flathead Valley Home and Garden show 2015 -Sat/Sun-March 14/15.

The Flathead Valley Fairgrounds is a great venue for this event. There are a wide array of Home and Garden Vendors from all over the Flathead Valley on display here.

If you are interested in all things Home and Garden this is one of the best Flathead Valley Events to attend.

Come down and visit Complete Landscaping and Design. We have put together a Water Feature as a display to showcase one of the types of projects that we can provide for your landscape.

Water Feature Display-Flatehead Valley Home and Garden show 2015

Water Feature Display



Our company provided services such as: Lawn Mowing, Flagstone Patios, Sprinklers Installs, Water Features and much much more. We are one of the few all around Landscaping and Landscape Design Companies in Kalispell and the Flathead Valley.

We will be here, Sat/Sun-March 14/15, to answer all your landscaping questions. You could even enter our contest while you are here.

Water Feature - Red Light

Closeup Water Feature with Lighting


Hope to See You Soon.