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Fertilize Shrubs in your Plant Beds?

Fertilized Landscape ShrubsExperts recommend that we should Fertilize our Grass four times a year for a Full and Healthy Lawn.

What about Fertilizing the Shrubs in our Plant Beds? Often times fertilizing our Shrubs gets overlooked.

We prune our Shrubs every year and we expect them to grow. But then, we don’t give them fertilizer with the nutrients that they need to grow to their full potential.

Over the years plants in garden beds will deplete all the nutrients out of the soil. We need to replenish these nutrients with fertilizer. This is important for the health of our Shrubs which will insures a long life for them.

Fertilizing once or twice a year makes for Lush Beautiful Shrubs in the garden beds. Complete Landscaping and Design can help you with this!

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