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Homeowner Fined for not Mowing Their Grass?

What if a homeowner decided not to mow the lawn anymore and belongs to a Home Owners Association?

What power does the HOA hold?

Do HOA’s have the right to tell you how to maintain your lawn?

Some developments give the HOA more enforcement rights than others. Some HOA’s have the power to evict any individuals who fail to mow their grass. Yes this is a very drastic measure but some HOA’s have the right to do this.

Most times HOA’s will fine any homeowner for violating a covenant, rule, or regulation such as not mowing their lawn. If these fines are not paid they usually have late fees incurring and the HOA can then file a lien on the property.

Some HOA’s can also deny access to common areas such as the pool, gym, or dog park until fines are paid.

Most HOA’s have the power to sue a homeowner who violates any restriction, covenant, or rule. The homeowner could end up in court for not keeping the grass to a certain length. This only happens after fines have not been paid and HOA demands have not been resolved.

HOA’s, in some instances, have the power to enter the homeowner’s property to resolve the infraction. For instance, the HOA can hire a professional to mow the lawn of the delinquent homeowner. This “hired” service tends to be five times what normal lawn care would be especially if the grass is too tall.

All HOA’s have procedures they must follow before any action can be taken on a homeowner. More times than not, the HOA will try to resolve any issue without incident or fines.

As a homeowner, it easy to follow the rules of the HOA. One of the rules we see in most HOA’s is mowing the grass and keeping the landscaping tidy. Complete Landscaping and Design can help with this.

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