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The Dog and the Perfect Lawn

Can You Have a Perfect Lawn and Own a Dog at the Same Time?

Dogs are great. We love our dogs yet a downside to having a dog can be ugly, brown spots in our lawn.

Since most dog diets are high in protein, there will always be high levels of Nitrogen in their system. If your dog is relieving itself on your lawn, they will increase the Nitrogen levels of your lawn. Too much Nitrogen kills our lawns and creates the brown spots.
Here are a few tips for keeping your lawn looking healthy and green and singing a happy tune.

  • Water the lawn area immediately after the dog has done its business to help dilute the Nitrogen. Run the hose for about 10 seconds over the spot will help dilute the Nitrogen. Also, if you encourage your dog to drink more water, it will dilute the Nitrogen as well. But having them drink more water will increase your dog needs to pee.
  • Build an area for the dog to use the bathroom outside, using gravel, mulched, or artificial turf. Train them to go there instead of the grass.

  • Having the right kind of grass may also reduce these brown spots from showing up. Fescue and Rye-grass are the most resistant to Nitrogen due to the genetic makeup of the roots. Bermuda and Kentucky Bluegrass do need nitrogen to thrive but are very sensitive to fertilizer.
  • Dressing the lawn with less fertilizer will reduce the chances of brown spots. The combination of fertilizer and your dogs business could be too much Nitrogen for the lawn.

Building the dog a designated business area is the only effective option for 100%success. The other options above are a few more that can help.

We all love our lawns and our pets and we can have both.

If you are having trouble with brown spots in your lawn give us a Call for a Free Estimate on Lawn Care or to help Design a Dog Business Area.

Complete Landscaping and Design can help you recover your lawn back to being lush and green again.

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