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Lawn Maintenance

walker cutting-1Lawn Maintenance

Weather, snow and insects, as well as wear and tear and over-watering, can have a negative impact on your lawn. Over time, these factors can lead to permanent damage.

From fertilization to weed and insect control, Complete Landscaping and Design offers lawn care services and methods that will restore and rejuvenate your lawn and maintain its health. A healthy lawn is a happy lawn!

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The most basic of lawn maintenance, lawn mowing is an ongoing service to keep a beautifully green and lush lawn! We can put you on a weekly or biweekly schedule (depending on your needs) and will keep up with maintenance of your lawn.

Other Services:



Orchard maintenance
Using our large Walker lawn mowers, Complete Landscaping’s lawn maintenance crews can maintain orchards and any other large areas that need continuous upkeep.

Power raking
In early spring, once a lawn has dried out enough to allow our Walker mowers access, a good power rake will take all the dead grass out of a lawn, as well as aerate the remaining lawn. This will give your lawn a very good start in the season. It is also recommended to fertilize at the time of power raking, to enable the lawn to thicken and grow for the entire growing season.

A good lawn should be fertilized at least 3 times in Montana every summer, starting with an early spring application to kick start your lawn into green, then feeding it during the summer months is recommended. In the fall, one more application is recommended to put the lawn to sleep for the winter. A lawn is like a pet- you need to feed it. Fertilizer is food for grass, to help it grow and flourish.

Core Aeration
Let your lawn breathe and grow the most effective way with lawn aeration. One of the most effective lawn services you can invest in, core aeration opens up your lawn by allowing more air, water and nutrients to reach the spots that need them the most.

Garden Bed Weed Control
Keep your ornamental beds looking their best through specialized weed control services for landscape beds. Complete Landscaping and Design’s weed prevention and control services eliminate the need for tedious hand weeding and promote more vibrant ornamental beds free of unwanted plants.

Grassy Weed Control

There are a wide variety of grassy weeds that can grow among the desired grasses in your lawn. Some may be uncontrollable, while others can only be controlled with special materials. We offer grassy weed control services that can eradicate the multiple varieties of unwanted weeds in your yard.

Insect Control
Our lawn treatment services specialize in controlling lawn-damaging insects throughout your entire yard. Whether you have a problem with cinch bugs, aphids, mosquitoes or grubs, we can provide the necessary grass care to get your turf back on the path to optimum health with total lawn care and insect control services.
Every year, insects cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to non-treated lawns- don’t let your lawn be next.

Lime Treatments
Adding lime to your lawn helps adjust soil acidity levels to achieve that lush, green look. Applications of lime can also help with weed prevention and control in your yard. Improve your yard with lime treatments for healthier, greener growing grass.

Fall and Spring Cleanup

Spring cleaning isn’t just for freshening up a home that has been shuttered up all winter- lawns and the rest of your landscaping also need some TLC to prepare for the growing season. A cleanup checklist for outdoors can be divided into categories of related tasks, one of which truly does involve something of a cleansing: the removal of refuse (natural or otherwise) from your grass and planting beds.



Montana Nursery and Landscape Association