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Stone and Rock works

Stone and Rock works

Complete Landscaping and Design can take your project from concept to design and continue with all the work until we have produced a breathtaking landscape.

Landscaped Patio

Hardscape Design

Complete Landscaping and Design discusses the major considerations that need to be incorporated into a landscape design if a sustainable landscape is to be the outcome. Landscape functionality, cost effectiveness, and environmental impacts are a few of the items discussed. Complete Landscaping and Design:

          Describes how information is gathered, compiled and used in the development of a landscape design.

          Carry out a site survey and site analysis, and how to use information collected.

          Explains the essential steps to create a sustainable landscape design.

The design sequence includes the creation of bubble diagrams, concept plans, and draft designs of these hardscapes.

Natural Stone RetainingRock Wall Feature with Fire Pit

Stone walls are retaining walls constructed from cut or uncut stone without the use of mortar or other adhesives to hold the wall in place. Instead, the wall is held together by friction and the weight of the stacked stones. Natural stone is a popular alternative to the traditional modular cement block for retaining wall construction. Dry-stacked, natural stone walls add a very natural look to any landscape as the material is taken right from the ground. Natural stone walls allow water to flow freely behind and through the wall thus relieving a significant amount of pressure on the wall.

Fire Pit Flagstone Patios

Patios made with flagstone

Complete Landscaping and Design can turn any space into an amazing new area with a few days and a pallet of natural stones. Complete Landscaping and Design can take your project to a new level with Montana’s finest rocks.

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