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Water features

Water Features

Waterfalls, Streams, Fountains and Ponds 

Complete Landscaping and Design is skilled in designing and installing artistic water features. Our philosophy is to recreate amazing, beautiful and natural ponds, streams and waterfalls. After good landscape construction principals are followed, it is the details that matter most. Many hours are spent tweaking water flow, positioning rocks, adjusting and readjusting, and planting mosses and stream side plantings.  


Rock and Water Feature

Complete Landscaping and Design’s processes evolve every year, as we seek new inspiration and experiment with new techniques to create structurally sound, natural looking, and low maintenance water features.


The Complete Landscaping and Design team enjoys designing and building amazing ponds and water features. We use a number of unique concepts in all of our pondscapes.


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Complete Landscaping and Design strives to ensure that no liners, pipes, or other materials are visible (as they shouldn’t be seen). Our team believes no such fixtures are part of the design philosophy. We hide the water source from as many points of view as possible and create the illusion that the waterfall or stream continues on, to fulfill the appearance of a believable, natural system.


neckpondComplete Landscaping and Design never creates what is called the “necklace effect.” Contractors tend to string the pond perimeter with rocks to create a necklace of rocks, taking away the natural look. At Complete Landscaping and Design, we strive to use the right combination of plants and rocks to get the “real and natural” effect. Our design team ensures that we integrate a creative use of boulders in our natural garden ponds & waterfalls. Our experiences have led us the way to truly create natural looking water gardens.



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